This is not a picture of me.
Once again this is not a picture of me...
I'm using these pics and text entries as placeholders.
What the heck is this guy doing?
Smile! This is a picture of a guy taking pictures, standing next to a "no something" sign. I think he's taking pictures of dogs.
What kind of bird is that?
When I upload content to this site, you will not see pictures like this.
The mainstream media really sucks. Can you believe they made such a big deal about Pelosi and Murtha, when the old south rose again on the Republican side of the isle?!
I have long hair. I'm not sure how this will affect my children's outlook on men in general, but I'm guessing they will rebel some day when they are old enough to date, and bring home people with short hair.
These words are underlined These words, are apparently NOT underlined. They are not BOLD either. I wonder if they feel insecure because of that.
When is the last time you played marbles?, I started playing marbles with my kids, and it turns out that it's a really fun game. I forgot how fun it is. It could easily be a cool bar game.